Des Meade - Calligrapher

Traditional broad-nib and pointed-pen bespoke calligraphy

Beautiful Hand Scribed Calligraphy

As a professional calligrapher, I offer a range of hand scribed pointed-pen and broad nib writing skills with creative solutions, that can add to your special Red Carpet or Black tie event. In an age of digital push-button sameness, hand-scribed, bespoke calligraphy and lettering can create a unique style that not only enhances your important event, but will also show honour to your valued guests.

Working from my home studio, I can prepare; inscribed guest names to your invitations with addressed envelopes either from your supplied printed material or if required, advice can be given on design and printing to meet your specific requirements. Creative use of professional calligraphy and hand scribed pointed pen or broad nib lettering can also enhance your commissioned framed special gift, presentation scrolls or other bespoke pieces. 

Corporate Presentations including commissioned bespoke and special pieces, scrolls and framed works, where unique hand scribed named invitations are required for your special honoured VIP guests, with addressed envelopes with a wax seal using your company logo or organisation crest if required. Named table place cards, table plans or other bespoke items can be created to meet specific needs 

Because calligraphy takes time and planning, it's always best to provide me with as much notice as possible, so contact me once your dates and plans are being made.

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An Inspiring Quote from The Calligraphy Scribe

Scribing "Nightfeed" by Eavan Boland

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Des Meade
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Named Place Cards Name place cards can be designed to a theme with names individually hand scribed.
Commissioned Corporate Presentation Scribed Rudyard Kipling poem "If" framed and mounted.
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Framed Commission "Love One Another" Scribed in pointed pen & broad nib in black inks. Interlocking rings & illumination in gouache